Robot Frameowrk Docker

The Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development. It is a keyword-driven testing framework that uses tabular test data syntax.

Normally, the requirements for running the Django DRF application are: * Python 2.7 or greater * Python Virtualenv or PyEnv

Why use Docker with the Robot Frameowrk

  • Rapidly get started with automated testing without additional setup
  • Allows testers to focus on test case and not the executing environment
  • Isolating dependencies and source code:
  • Remove the need of having multiple version of python installed on the host machine.
  • Remove version conflicts of python packages
  • It works on everyone’s machine. Docker eliminates the “but it worked on my laptop” problem.

Getting Started with Docker Robot Frameowrk

Clone this repository

git clone

Pull the image.

docker pull ypasmk/robot-framework

Run the tests example tests

cd robot-framework-docker && ./


This image contains the following to facilitate robot testing


You can use it to start a visual display and fire up a browser for UI testing.

Example (suites/virtual_display.robot):

Start Virtual Display    1920    1080


More details here

Also have a look at suites/virtual_display.robot


More details here


Create Http Context
GET                     /some/service/that/supports/get
Verify Status           200
${response}=            Get Response Body
[return]                ${response}


More details here


More details here


For any requests or changes please open issues or create pull requests :)


  • Robot Framework With Docker in less than 10 minutes by Ipatios Asmanidis <>
  • robot-framework-docker <>